Develop Your Teen’s Character

Karate for teens can help your teen become a happy adult.  Teens learn important character traits in Karate. Life Lessons are a core part of Karate classes at LMA.

Cope With Social Bullying

Rise Above Peer Pressure

Foster Healthy Relationships

Create A Positive Self-Image

Strive For A Successful Career

Transform Your Teen

The Starter Course is The Best Way To Try Karate!

Instructors Listen To See How We Can Help

Experience The Benefits Of Karate



Parents love the LMA Life Skills Program and the positive impact it has on their teens.  Life Martial Arts works on both the mental and physical benefits of martial arts.  Students start acting better at the Karate school right away.  Behavior begins improving at home and school next.  The goal is for students to be Black Belts in Karate and Black Belts in Life!

Students receive a new Life Lesson Worksheet each month.  Instructors cover the word of the month in class.  Life Lessons are designed to initiate a conversation between parents and students.  Building character starts at an early age.  Together, we can build character that will last a lifetime!

Life Martial Arts is Building Leaders…Changing Lives.

Karate Classes Separated

By Age & Belt

Little Warriors: 4-6 Years Old
Warriors: 7-11 Years Old
Teens: 12 – 17 Years Old
Adults: 18 Years & Up


Life Martial Arts Instructors play a vital role in the lives of students.  Students look to instructors for guidance in martial arts and in life.  Kids view instructors as role models while adults often regard instructors as life coaches.  This trust is taken to heart by working to provide the highest quality instructors in the martial arts industry.

LMA Certified instructors at every LMA School complete the Life Martial Arts 3 Point Certification Program:

  1. Belt Rank Certification
  2. Instructor Training Program
  3. Criminal Background Check


Teaching Karate is our passion in life.  We have been lucky enough to turn our passion into our profession.  This passion shows in the way LMA Instructors interact with the students.  You’ll see the difference we call The LMA Way.

LMA Instructors aim to create a fun and safe learning environment for students of all ages.  The LMA Curriculum is the cornerstone of class planning.  Instructors are trained to motivate students thru positive reinforcement to be their personal best while adhering to a high quality standard.  Continual training guides LMA Instructors as they work to become better leaders on the journey towards Black Belt Excellence.

Starter Course
1st Class

The instructor will teach the first
block, kick and punch during this 30
minute class. You’ll see how
instructors instill the mental benefits
of Karate. A member of Team LMA
will cover the New Student Packet
with you at the end of Class 1.

Starter Course
2nd Class

Students review the basic martial arts
moves at the beginning of Class 2
and test for their White Belt. All
students earning a White Belt have
the opportunity to break a real
board. Breaking a board is a very
powerful experience!

Experience A

Brighter Future

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Schedule A Class

Pick a date & time
for your first class.

Icon of a Karate white belt.

Take Your 1st Class

Learn basic moves
& earn a white belt.

Icon of a white Karate uniform and white belt for new students at Life Martial Arts.

Become A Student

Enjoy karate classes
with other students.

Transform Your Teen

The Starter Course is The Best Way To Try Karate!

Instructors Listen To See How We Can Help

Experience The Benefits Of Karate