LMA Summer Camp

LMA Summer Camp is for kids who wants to be active.

Kids enjoy weekly themes which keep camp exciting.

Parents love the life lessons kids learn during summer.

Attend A Day, Week Or Entire Summer

Action Packed & Educational Camp

Life Martial Arts hosts an action packed, educational and fun Summer Camp. Campers will be active during the summer instead of sitting around with nothing to do. Kids make art projects, play organized games and participate in karate classes. Activities change each week to avoid the summer boredom. The LMA Summer Camp is for kids who enjoy being active and like to learn new things.

Attend A Day, Week Or Entire Summer



Exclusive Camp

LMA does not pack hundreds of kids into each week of camp. Your child will not be treated like a number. Campers receive individual attention to make sure they are having fun and learning. Each LMA Summer Camp has a cap of campers per day. Reserve your days and weeks now!

Life Lessons

LMA Instructors are experts at teaching Life Lessons to kids. Campers are taught to follow direction and show respect to others. Older campers work on leadership skills while younger campers learn to work as a team. Parents love the Life Lessons taught by instructors at the LMA Summer Camp. The rewards can last a lifetime.

Unplug Your Child

Life Martial Arts has a NO ELECTRONICS policy at camp. Give your child’s brain and eyes a rest. Studies have shown electronics can be as addictive to children as alcohol, cigarettes and drugs for adults. Parents love the no electronics policy and often see a positive change in attitude associated with no cell phones, computers, tablets and television throughout the day.

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Bully Defense

No child should attend school scared to go to the playground or restroom. Imagine your child standing in front of a bully with no adult around… What WOULD YOUR CHILD DO?

Stop The Bully is designed to empower your child with the ability and confidence to stand up to bullies. Bully Defense is incorporated into the Karate Classes during the LMA Summer Camp. Your child will be more confident when attending school next year. Provide your child with the confidence to Stop The Bully!

Karate Classes

LMA Summer Campers are taught karate classes by certified instructors. Karate classes are during the regular hours of camp and are specifically for summer campers. This is not a daycare. All summer campers must participate in the karate classes during summer camp.

Karate teaches valuable skills needed for Bully Defense. Students are always taught to use common sense before self-defense. Students have no physical contact with each other. The karate skills students learn during the Life Martial Arts Summer Camp can last a lifetime.

Attend A Day, Week Or Entire Summer


Field Trips

LMA Summer Campers participate in two off-site field trips per week. Field trips are included in the camp fee. Transportation is included for field trips. No additional fees are required for field trips.

Weekly Themes

It happens every year! Kids and counselors start summer camp with lots of excitement. The excitement wears off after the third week because it is the same thing week after week. Everyone is bored and ready for summer to be over.

Life Martial Arts has a different approach. Every week of camp has a different theme. Changing themes each week allows kids and counselors to have fun during the entire summer. Themes are posted in advance so everyone has something to look forward to for the next week. Click on LOCATIONS to see the weekly themes for the LMA School near you.

2024 Themes

Week 1: June 3-7 Pokemon

Week 2: June 10-14 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Week 3: June 17-21 Mad Science

Week 4: June 24-28 Olympic Sports

Week 5: July 1-5 Ninja Warrior (closed July 4)

Week 6: July 8-12 Stop The Bully

Week 7: July 15-19 Hogwarts Academy

Week 8: July 22-26 The Last Jedi

Week 9: July 29-Aug 2 Anime

Week 10: Aug 5-9 STEM Lego Challenge

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LMA Summer Camp is open to all kids Kindergarten through Completed 5th Grade. Participants must be able to follow directions and play well with others. Campers often improve focus and listening skills throughout camp. This prepares younger campers for the upcoming school year.

Camp Hours

Early Drop-Off: 7:30am - 9:00am

Camp: 9:00am - 3:00pm

Extended Pick Up: 3:00pm - 6:00pm

Free - LMA does NOT charge an additional fee for Early Drop-Off or Extended Pick-Up.


All summer camp participants must bring a lunch and two snacks. Life Martial Arts does not provide campers with any food. Camp counselors are not allowed or authorized to prepare food for campers or purchase food for campers. Prices are very competitive for the local area. Rates reflect each parents need to provide food for their child.

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Weekly Rate

LMA Members $145 Per Week

Non-Members $160 Per Week

Early Registration

LMA Members $120 Per Week

Non-Members $135 Per Week

Register Between March 18 - March 29

6 Week Discount

LMA Members $120 Per Week

Non-Members $135 Per Week

Attend six weeks or more of summer camp to save $25 per week.

Daily Drop-In Rate

LMA Members $35 Per Day

Non-Members $40 Per Day

3 Days Equal A Week Due To Field Trips

Registration Fees

$25 Per Week Of Camp

$10 Per Daily Drop-In

Registration Fees are due at the time of registration. Registration Fees are credited toward the daily or weekly rate. Registration Fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Attend A Day, Week Or Entire Summer

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