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Black Belts In Life

Life Martial Arts is where traditional martial arts meets realistic self-defense for the day-to-day risks of a modern world. The vision is to create a place that has a profound positive and life changing impact on people’s lives. This is done by building the student from the inside out through the LMA Life Lessons Program. Students train to become Black Belts in martial arts and Black Belts in LIFE!

Experience The Mental & Physical Benefits



Life Martial Arts is providing One Free Week of BJJ or Karate for all Kids, Teens & Adults in the community via the Starter Course. LMA Instructors take the time to find out what you are looking to get out of classes and why it is important to you. Starter Course classes are designed to be fun, safe and challenging at the same time. The Starter Course is a perfect way to try martial arts!

Your first martial arts class is very exciting. The instructor will teach basic moves during this thirty minute class. A member of Team LMA will cover the New Student Packet with you at the end of Class 1.

Students review the basic martial arts moves at the beginning of Class 2 and test for their White Belt. All students earning a White Belt will have the opportunity to break a real board. Breaking a real board is a very powerful experience for Kids, Teens & Adults.

Starter Course Includes

  • Semi-Private Lessons

  • Learn Basic Moves

  • Earn A White Belt

  • Break A Real Board

  • New Student Evaluation

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Learning Continues After School

Life Martial Arts works hand-in-hand with your efforts as a parent to provide the Life Skills necessary for your child to be the best they can be!

  • Anti-Bullying Program

  • Karate Lesson Every Day

  • Life Lessons Curriculum

  • Structured Active Games

  • Supervised Homework Time

Reserve Your Child's Van Seat


LMA Life Martial Arts hosts an action packed, educational and fun Summer Camp. Campers will be active during the summer instead of sitting around with nothing to do. Kids make art projects, play organized games and participate in karate classes. Activities change each week to avoid the summer boredom. The LMA Summer Camp is for kids who enjoy being active and like to learn new things.

Exclusive Camp

LMA does not pack hundreds of kids into each week of camp. Your child will not be treated like a number. Campers receive individual attention to make sure they are having fun and learning. Each LMA Summer Camp has a cap of campers per day. Reserve your days and weeks now!

Life Lessons

LMA Instructors are experts at teaching Life Lessons to kids. Campers are taught to follow direction and show respect to others. Older campers work on leadership skills while younger campers learn to work as a team. Parents love the Life Lessons taught by instructors at the LMA Summer Camp. The rewards can last a lifetime.

Unplug Your Child

Life Martial Arts has a NO ELECTRONICS policy at camp. Give your child’s brain and eyes a rest. Studies have shown electronics can be as addictive to children as alcohol, cigarettes and drugs for adults. Parents love the no electronics policy and often see a positive change in attitude associated with no cell phones, computers, tablets and television throughout the day.

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