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Karate classes for kids, teens & adults help people of all ages strive to become their personal best. Life Martial Arts Schools have a family atmosphere. Classes are designed to teach students Karate in a fun and safe environment. LMA Curriculum has been developed to meet the needs of each age group and belt level.

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Caucasian girl punching in a white Karate uniform and a Caucasian boy in white Karate uniform with hands on his hips.

Defense From Verbal Bullying
Accept & Play With Other Students
Follow Directions In A Group Environment
Focus While Listening To Parents & Teachers
Self-Discipline To Do Tasks Without Being Told

A Caucasian girl and boy in white Karate uniforms punching while smiling.

Confidence To Make Friends
Focus To Earn Better Grades
Initiative To Be Personal Best
Respect For Parents & Teachers
Self-Discipline To Complete Tasks

African American teen girl in a white Karate uniform punching and a Caucasian teen boy in a white Karate uniform with hands on his hips.

Cope With Social Bullying
Rise Above Peer Pressure
Foster Healthy Relationships
Create A Positive Self-Image
Strive For A Successful Career

A Caucasian woman and Caucasian man smiling while wearing a white Karate uniform.

Get In Great Shape
Relieve Your Stress
Live A Healthier Life
Reach Personal Goals
Create Work Life Balance


A Birthday To Remember
Birthday Child Breaks A Board
Cake Cutting With Samurai Sword
We Do All Of The Setup & Cleanup
All You Do Is Bring The Birthday Cake

Fun, Fun & More Fun
Pizza & Drinks Included
Be Around Other Positive Kids
Make New Friends At Life Martial Arts
Have A Blast At Exciting Monthly Events


Learn Life Lessons
Homework Time & Help
Karate Classes Every Day
Transportation Included For Free
Send Them To Someone Who Cares

Kids Can Play All Day
No Electronics At Camp
Karate Class During Camp
Camps During School Breaks
Early Drop-off & Extended Pick-up

Attend Daily Or Weekly
Register Now And Pay Later
Summer Camp For Active Kids
Avoid Boredom With Weekly Themes
Kids Have So Much Fun They Want To Stay